Nadex – The best American broker

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Nadex – The best American broker

The Nadex is the biggest and the most influential broker in the USA. They have built a reputation of being an honest broker that provides full support to their traders. The existence of the trading fee does shun some beginners, but the lack of complaints proves the worthiness of this company.

Nadex – A binary options broker we all like

We like Nadex because it follows the strict American laws about online trading. The vast majority of American brokers work without any regulations and thus they can perform illegal actions without any punishment. This company has its regulations done by CFTC, a very rigorous regulation body. CySEC is the best known regulatory body, but they let many shady brokers through their inspections. CFTC is one of the bodies that raised the level of investigation making it very hard to pass their regulations. The fact that Nadex passed that tells you a lot about the broker.

Nadex is one of few real exchange markets in the world of binary options. That might sound strange, as there are hundreds of brokers, but it is true. Only the properly regulated dealers are fair in the way they handle traders. Others aren’t real brokers, and you should avoid them.

Fair exchanges happen between players. Whenever a player loses a trade the money goes into the hands of other traders. binary-options-live-demo-accountThe dealer earns their share through different types of fees. Some brokers like Banc de Binary use standard trading fees to generate profit. That trade is applied to every deal the trader takes. Dealers like Nadex apply fees only when a trader wins the trade or exits it before the expiry date.

Unfair brokers play against the trader, or to be more accurate; they take the side of the opponent. This is unfair, as they should only be there to provide a platform for business, not to take a part in it. This also makes the prone to scams that ensure the loss to all parties that trade against them.

Primary reasons why you should trade with Nadex

Nadex is there to connect you with securities and to offer you a chance to make a profit. They aren’t there to take your money; they are there to help you earn it.

shutterstock_128059520_0Nadex will allow you to use any software that will help you in trading. But they do warn people about scam software. They also promote some legitimate software like Brith Method, so people can use tools that will aid them. As we mentioned, they generate profit when their traders win.

You probably experienced demo accounts that are nothing like real platform. Well, Nadex won’t serve you with that. Their demo account has all features that you might find in real money trading. Demo account feature should allow an individual to experience trading without any investments. This feature should also be fun. Not every person has money for exchange markets, and they should get the chance to trade, even with virtual currency. Trading with virtual currency should be entertaining, and the broker shouldn’t force the people to invest real money.

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