Binary options – Tools of the trade

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Binary options – Tools of the trade

Binary options are very dependent on the technology level. You can visit other exchanges and make a profit over them without some advanced tools. That isn’t the case with binary trading. Invest money in binary options without any tool and you will gamble for a slight chance of a win. That isn’t smart, and it always ends with an empty account. Avoiding this is easy, you just have to learn how to use different tools you get are given. These tools range from third party software and dealers’ software to charts and tricks in the actual investments.

Software-based tools

All software tools for binary trading come down to three groups, demo account, signal and auto-trading software. Not every broker gives the option to trade for virtual money. Demo account is a tool that can help a trader, new or old, to get familiar with the platform and business in general. The best demo accounts are found on brokers that are in business for a long time. Those accounts are same as their normal platform, and they offer everything you will find on a platform that requires monetary investments. Don’t trade with brokers that give out demo accounts that have various limits. There are good reasons for those limitations, and none of them will benefit the trader.

Some brokers have built-in signal tool, while other don’t. The signal software provides you with signals that propose trades that have good chances of going through. Some advanced signal providers offer automation read more at, and others are simple signal providers. No matter which one you opt to use, do note that, they aren’t 100 percent correct. Not every signal is correct, so don’t rely solely on them.

platformThe auto-trading software allows the trader to automate their investments. For a long time, these tools were highly unpredictable, and there were cases where traders lost all of their money through them. But times changed and now these programs have many options that can limit their trading range. They aren’t 100 percent correct, so be careful. If you don’t set portfolio for the program to follow, it might take half a dozen of deals that end in a loss.

Platform and investment tools

We all went through disbelief phase that ensues when a sure-to-win trade goes south. But you can reduce the amount of loss on the deal. It’s quite simple really, if the deal was a buy, you sell the same deal. You will lose money, but the loss won’t be as high as before.

Using charts to determine good securities to invest in is mandatory for every trader. But no matter what type of chart you use, support and resistance levels should be in your focus. These two lines give you an approximate area within which the asset price moves. Once the price goes on a run, then it creates a chance of profit.

banner-1-devicesRollover and double-up are two advanced tools that might increase the chance of the profit. Rollover lets you extend the expiry time and gives you a chance to win a trade that should have ended in a loss. The double-up option lets you double the investment on the trade, and thus double the potential profit.


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