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Nadex – The best American broker

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Nadex – The best American broker

The Nadex is the biggest and the most influential broker in the USA. They have built a reputation of being an honest broker that provides full support to their traders. The existence of the trading fee does shun some beginners, but the lack of complaints proves the worthiness of this company.

Nadex – A binary options broker we all like

We like Nadex because it follows the strict American laws about online trading. The vast majority of American brokers work without any regulations and thus they can perform illegal actions without any punishment. This company has its regulations done by CFTC, a very rigorous regulation body. CySEC is the best known regulatory body, but they let many shady brokers through their inspections. CFTC is one of the bodies that raised the level of investigation making it very hard to pass their regulations. The fact that Nadex passed that tells you a lot about the broker.

Nadex is one of few real exchange markets in the world of binary options. That might sound strange, as there are hundreds of brokers, but it is true. Only the properly regulated dealers are fair in the way they handle traders. Others aren’t real brokers, and you should avoid them.

Fair exchanges happen between players. Whenever a player loses a trade the money goes into the hands of other traders. binary-options-live-demo-accountThe dealer earns their share through different types of fees. Some brokers like Banc de Binary use standard trading fees to generate profit. That trade is applied to every deal the trader takes. Dealers like Nadex apply fees only when a trader wins the trade or exits it before the expiry date.

Unfair brokers play against the trader, or to be more accurate; they take the side of the opponent. This is unfair, as they should only be there to provide a platform for business, not to take a part in it. This also makes the prone to scams that ensure the loss to all parties that trade against them.

Primary reasons why you should trade with Nadex

Nadex is there to connect you with securities and to offer you a chance to make a profit. They aren’t there to take your money; they are there to help you earn it.

shutterstock_128059520_0Nadex will allow you to use any software that will help you in trading. But they do warn people about scam software. They also promote some legitimate software like Brith Method, so people can use tools that will aid them. As we mentioned, they generate profit when their traders win.

You probably experienced demo accounts that are nothing like real platform. Well, Nadex won’t serve you with that. Their demo account has all features that you might find in real money trading. Demo account feature should allow an individual to experience trading without any investments. This feature should also be fun. Not every person has money for exchange markets, and they should get the chance to trade, even with virtual currency. Trading with virtual currency should be entertaining, and the broker shouldn’t force the people to invest real money.

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The ugly side of the binary options

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The ugly side of the binary options

Binary options are the trading tool that gives people the option to trade from home. Many scammers use these options as a tool for their trade. The main reason behind this is the low level of regulations in this type of trading. Another important reason is the virtual nature of the business. Everything is done over the internet which gives a lot of room for scammers to abuse loopholes and low security.

The most common scams happen via phone

Different types of scams plague the world of binary options. From brokers that fix trades to brokers, that prevent people from withdrawing their hard-earned cash. But the majority of the scams are connected to phone calls. Yes, the phone is still a major tool in the world of frauds. No matter what kind of video you look or what kind of text you read, nothing can compare with a soothing voice. binary-options-00039The best scammers are people that can convince you to give them your money with a call or two. They know how to sweet-talk you into anything. These people existed before the introduction of binary options and their existence continues. They will exist as long as there are people naïve enough to get scammed, and those people will always exist.

Breaking down the binary options scams

Getting a call from a “regulator” who informs you about the fine for the illegal trading might happen to anyone that trades binary options. The caller might have a lot of info on you and they also might sound as someone serious, but don’t buy their story. They will demand the payment of the fine, but they will also give you a way out. If you decide to pay at that right moment, then the fine will be smaller. Don’t even think about paying anything. This is a scam, and the caller got your personal data from a broker that sold it.

Yes, many shady brokers will sell your data to other scammers. They might seem friendly and all of that, but once they ask for extensive data you should become suspicious. They might not abuse the data, but they will sell it to someone who will. Some other deals have people that perform the call part. They call you and try to get more money out of your pockets. To avoid this kind of scam stick with respectable companies like 24Option.

indexDealing with platforms that stay as neutral observers rather than hungry sharks is the only way to avoid frauds. Those companies won’t try to scam you, or send other people to do that. Those people are account managers. Many shady dealers will appoint account managers to their traders. Those people will try to milk you out of your money. They will do everything possible to get you to deposit more money into the account. Some will even trade instead of you, investing your money in losing trades.

Binary options should give a player a chance to make a profit and have fun, and these people are trying to abuse that. Avoid shady brokers to neutralize a chance of being scammed.

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Is it a binary scam or not?

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Is it a binary scam or not?

The question might sound stupid, but it isn’t, and there are good reasons behind it. We all know some basic ways to recognize a scam, but many people mark legitimate business as frauds as well.  This goes both ways, as people may get scammed by a broker that they thought was OK. We won’t do a review or advertise companies. We will just give you some advice on how to recognize a fraud that might not be obvious at first glance.

Common ways to recognize a scam

You might already be aware of several steps that can unveil a scam. It won’t hurt to mention them once again. Checking reviews and blacklists are first things a beginner should do. Through those texts, they can see whether a broker is legit or not.

common-showbiz-scams-and-how-to-avoid-themOne common form of a fraud is the prevention of withdrawal. If all other things fail to detect a scammer, you should deposit the minimum amount of cash and then withdraw it immediately. Some brokers have very low minim deposits (10 dollars) while the majority of first payments range between 100 and 200 dollars. To find out who are the brokers click here. It’s better to lose that amount than one or two thousand dollars.

Another very common form of a scam is the account manager scheme. The broker assigns you a manager that will give you advice and help you earn money. The person will call you and ask for additional deposits. They will also send you trades that have very high risk. If you don’t comply, then they will trade in your stead and waste your money on trades that are preposterous.

Phishing credit card for informationThe lack of demo account is another red flag you should watch for. If a broker doesn’t have a demo account that that is a clear indicator that something is wrong. They don’t have time or money to invest in the demo account that will help traders. This means that they want your money, not your business.

Some lesser known ways to recognize a fraud

Does the broker offer too many bonuses that are simply too good to be true? If they do, then stay away from them. This is a clear indicator of a shady business. They want you and your deposit, and they will promise you anything to get it. Legitimate brokers have standard bonuses, and you should stick with those dealers.

Every fraudulent broker exists for a year or two after which they mysteriously disappear. After a few days, a new dealer emerges, and its owners are same people. You can find out whether that is the case, with a broker you want to trade, by checking the domain name. Several sites will allow you to find out who is the owner of the domain as well as all activity on that domain since its creation. This makes it very easy to find whether the broker is a legit business or just another scam. If you don’t know how to do it, then search for forums and blacklists that perform this type of search.

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Auto-trading software is not a scam

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Auto-trading software is not a scam

If you have time, then check reviews and forums that address auto-trading software and other similar robots. You will notice one common thing on all sites, the outcry that brands all trade-assisting software as frauds. This kind of thing does uncover some scammers, but the generalization that exists is bad. This generalization brands all software as a scam which is, of course, far from the truth.

Why people consider binary options robot programs as scam

People do have a good reason to believe that robot software is a scam, and the reason is the advertising. People see software review, and they believe everything that is written in it. Only a small number of positive reviews are objective. All other reviews are used for advertising. To attract more people, the review writers don’t write every single thing about the software; they write only the advantages.

They fail to mention that software can and will pick losing trades, just like any other trader. The problem is that people believe that a trading robot can’t make a mistake. Once it does, they go on forums and spread the false info about the robot being a scam.

Trading with robot software

Trading with robots is possible, and they can increase the return percentage. The catch is in control of the trading portfolio of the tool you use. The majority secret2rich-%e0%b8%ad%e0%b8%9a%e0%b8%a3%e0%b8%a1-%e0%b8%aa%e0%b8%b1%e0%b8%a1%e0%b8%a1%e0%b8%99%e0%b8%b2-%e0%b8%aa%e0%b8%ad%e0%b8%99%e0%b9%80%e0%b8%97%e0%b8%a3%e0%b8%94-robot-forex-%e0%b8%99%e0%b8%b4of good robots you can find at Top 10 Binary Demo have numerous options that allow a trader to control the trading. Tweaking the settings to allow only the trade you prefer is the secret of successful trading. The number of the options is huge, and not everyone can optimize them correctly. To ensure good trading to all people that use robots, we will share some insights into portfolios that work.

You can devise a strategy that focuses on several things, the maturity of the expiry date and the type of underlying asset. Be sure to check whether the broker allows the use of the robot, and what are the limitations they set. Some brokers, usually those shady dealers, limit the amount of external help a trader can use. Avoid those dealers if you want to use a robot as a trading tool.

Limit yourself to one maturity rate of the trade. You can either focus on short-term trades (under 24 hours) or on trades that take a months or so to expire. The best option is to focus on those short expiry dates. Don’t mix them with one-hour or shorter expiry dates, and don’t trade with these.

technology background with robot android womenNow, limiting the software on several assets will reduce the number of trades it will take. But this is necessary because it will reduce the risk of the software taking some random trades. Find two or three assets and limit the investment limit for each of them accordingly.

Using both of these limitations will impose big limitations on the software. And even if it doesn’t, you should. Making it trade a maximum of one or two securities per day will ensure a steady source of income with a very low level of risk.

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Binary options – Tools of the trade

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Binary options – Tools of the trade

Binary options are very dependent on the technology level. You can visit other exchanges and make a profit over them without some advanced tools. That isn’t the case with binary trading. Invest money in binary options without any tool and you will gamble for a slight chance of a win. That isn’t smart, and it always ends with an empty account. Avoiding this is easy, you just have to learn how to use different tools you get are given. These tools range from third party software and dealers’ software to charts and tricks in the actual investments.

Software-based tools

All software tools for binary trading come down to three groups, demo account, signal and auto-trading software. Not every broker gives the option to trade for virtual money. Demo account is a tool that can help a trader, new or old, to get familiar with the platform and business in general. The best demo accounts are found on brokers that are in business for a long time. Those accounts are same as their normal platform, and they offer everything you will find on a platform that requires monetary investments. Don’t trade with brokers that give out demo accounts that have various limits. There are good reasons for those limitations, and none of them will benefit the trader.

Some brokers have built-in signal tool, while other don’t. The signal software provides you with signals that propose trades that have good chances of going through. Some advanced signal providers offer automation read more at, and others are simple signal providers. No matter which one you opt to use, do note that, they aren’t 100 percent correct. Not every signal is correct, so don’t rely solely on them.

platformThe auto-trading software allows the trader to automate their investments. For a long time, these tools were highly unpredictable, and there were cases where traders lost all of their money through them. But times changed and now these programs have many options that can limit their trading range. They aren’t 100 percent correct, so be careful. If you don’t set portfolio for the program to follow, it might take half a dozen of deals that end in a loss.

Platform and investment tools

We all went through disbelief phase that ensues when a sure-to-win trade goes south. But you can reduce the amount of loss on the deal. It’s quite simple really, if the deal was a buy, you sell the same deal. You will lose money, but the loss won’t be as high as before.

Using charts to determine good securities to invest in is mandatory for every trader. But no matter what type of chart you use, support and resistance levels should be in your focus. These two lines give you an approximate area within which the asset price moves. Once the price goes on a run, then it creates a chance of profit.

banner-1-devicesRollover and double-up are two advanced tools that might increase the chance of the profit. Rollover lets you extend the expiry time and gives you a chance to win a trade that should have ended in a loss. The double-up option lets you double the investment on the trade, and thus double the potential profit.


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